big winner books for boys

After reading Michael Smith & Jeffrey Wilhelm’s book Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the reading habits of my male students. Having just finished looking through my class evaluations and student reflections, one (of the many) things I learned through reading those this year was which books were a big hit. Some of them are ones we read in class, some of them are ones that I had on the shelves in my classroom library. Just thought I would share some of those with you (most of these were also favorites among the ladies as well):

Ship Breaker
Where the Red Fern Grows
Alex Rider series
The Red Kayak
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Pretty much anything by Brandon Mull
Anything by Mike Lupica (Million Dollar Throw was the favorite)
Rough Waters
Hunger Games series
The Maze Runner & sequel The Scorch Trials
Ender’s Game
Calvin & Hobbes
Lightening Thief series
Lightening Thief graphic novel
ESPN magazine
National Geographic Junior magazines
And in class they loved reading And Then There Were None, The Outsiders, & Deathwatch.
In general, I got a lot of comments stating that they liked books that had anything to do with the outdoors, and not a ton of romance. (Although I did notice several boys throughout the year trying to hide the fact that they were reading the Twilight series . . .)
Any other great reads for guys?

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