language fun: dialogue

We were just discussing how to use dialogue to enhance our narratives in my Language Arts class, and I conveniently found this nice piece while digging around in a file for something else. I think I might try having my students do an exercise with writing a short story completely in dialogue–similar to something that Tom Romano suggested in Writing with Passion, Life Stories, Multiple Genres. I love playing with language and structure!

First published in 1950 in the Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, by Ned Guymon:
Conversation Piece
“You didn’t!”
“I did.”
“Just now.”
“You know.”
“I don’t!”
“You do.”
“With whom?”
“With you.”
“She didn’t . . .”
“She did.”
“We didn’t . . .”
“You did.”
“You knew?”
“I knew.”
“How long?”
“Long enough.”
“What now?”
“Why later?”
“Guess again.”
“Tell me!”
“Oh, no!”
“Oh, yes.”
“You can’t!”

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